The Sensational & Increased Popularity of Social Gambling

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Currently, gambling has assumed different formats that it is becoming hard to accurately track all changes in the gambling and betting industry. Many are the times that casino games are only associated with playing to win real money. Nevertheless, over the past few years, the concept of online gambling seems to be changing with new ideas emerging. The new trends of online gambling are known as social gambling because there are no real money bets involved in this form of gambling.

Sensational & Increased Popularity of Gambling

Social gambling can be interpreted differently, with some players connecting it with playing casino games on social media such as Twitter or Facebook, whereas other people think of social gambling as situations where people come together to have fun with their families or communities.

Frankly, even the most popular social media platforms don’t have anything to do with the phenomenon of social gambling. They are only used for marketing stunts to direct potential customers to certain casino sites. Because of the perception that social media applications and sites are free to use, online casino operators try their best to use them to their advantage with the hopes of capturing the attention of potential players with exclusive promotions and bonuses such as extra chips, free spins, and other amazing prizes. After a player has decided to click on the link and they are redirected to the casino’s homepage, then the casino can advertise anything they want.

The development of free software and applications, where players get to bet with fake money, is an amazing way to increase the number of people coming to an online casino. Also, they help introduce new players into the world of online gambling. In most cases, players that engage in social gambling end up playing casino games for real money. This is because, although playing casino games for free with virtual money is fun, there is nothing that can be compared to the thrill of enjoying your favorite games with a chance to hit a jackpot and win big. Generally, social gambling is just a witty and innovative approach used by online casinos to increase their brand awareness with the hope of getting more potential players to come to their site.

Social Gambling In Land-Based Casinos Vs. Online Casinos

A major difference between real life and online social gambling is the number of players required to make wagers. Another significant difference is the fact that players do not stake real money. When playing on the internet, online casinos allow players to use virtual money for their bets.

As a result, gamblers in social casino games do not get real money payouts, rather, they receive virtual goods. Winning players can also be promoted to the next levels where they can play against other players who are more experienced.

The good news about social gambling is that, unlike real money gambling, social gambling is fully legal in all states across the United States. This is important because some states forbid their residents from playing real money card or table games, but make it perfectly legal to play casino games with virtual money.

One of the main reasons why social gambling is not restricted is the fact that this works as a normal playing program. All you have to do is download the casino software, install it on your device and start playing right away. Extra chips and additional features that you might have to pay are treated in the same way, regardless of whether you are playing the game online or on your PC. Since there are no real stakes or real money payouts, social gambling is not treated as real money gambling.

Pros and Cons Of Social Gambling

Entertainment is an important aspect of social gambling. The great interaction with trustworthy and familiar players, most of whom already know each other very well, helps in easing the tension associated with playing real money casino games such as online poker. When familiarizing themselves with casino games such as video poker or online slots players are also required to understand how they can play and win consistently. Most people consider this as some form of training before they get into serious real money casino games. This allows players to openly share their achievements and results with fellow punters or followers. Also, there is a chance to develop different types of avatars as you may deem fit.

Pros and Cons Of Social Gambling

Another incredible aspect of online social gambling is cryptocurrency-based platforms. You shouldn’t presume that they are in any way related to blockchain because they are not. The transparency and fairness of the entire process are fully warranted by the technology, alongside their client’s privacy. Moreover, smart players tend to make use of tokens rather than virtual money when betting online. As mentioned earlier, there are many aspects to be considered when thinking of taking part in social gambling.

However, there are a few issues associated with social gambling. Although it’s all about virtual money and virtual payouts, people might still fall victim to problem gambling if they do not approach social gambling with caution. As it is the case with online casinos, sometimes it is very tempting for online gamblers to increase their bets and become addicted to online gaming for real money. This can also happen when it comes to social gambling and such individuals might end up spending too much time on their computers or mobile devices. Furthermore, the entire process of social gambling can be very time consuming and when it comes to extra spins and additional rounds, software providers might offer players some chance of winning real money which might get them hooked on the game.


Although many states have not yet legalized online sports betting, there are an increased number of punters joining offshore sportsbook and online casinos to place bets on eSport, placing bets on the outcome of skilled gaming, cybersports, and fantasy sports. Social gambling has exploited this niche taking advantage of the existing legislative gaps in prohibiting real-life sports betting in some states.

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