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No game on Earth can top the real-life casino slot machine known as Victorious. With the highest jackpot on record and a price that most mortals can only dream about, this is one of the hottest slot machines around. The hype began when the single player game launched, with players split between those who won big and those who lost big. After seeing the tremendous response from players, the developers upped the ante, adding two additional games to the Victorious lineup.

So now it’s time to march right Left. Right. Left. But just in case you’ve never seen it in action, here’s how it works: players stand around a circular icon on the center of the screen and watch the icons go round. When it comes to symbols like “P”, “M”, “R”, “L”, and “E”, the circle expands to show all the available symbols. When it comes to numbers like “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”, and “F”, the circle narrows down even more, revealing only the number of symbols for that number up to a maximum of nine.

The way the slot machines work is that the symbols spin the number of times determined by the number of bids (in the case of Victorious) and the minimum bet required for each symbol. Once the symbol has spun an appropriate number of times, the number of small red “X” marks appear on the symbols. If you click on the X’s, the computer will illuminate them and give you a percentage chance of winning that certain amount. If you’re on the winning side, you’ll be given a massive bonus amount!