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Sparks is a video slot game that enables players to choose the direction in which they want winning combinations to go. In most video slots, winning combinations start on the leftmost reel and continue along the designated payline. In Sparks, players can select the direction of winning by using the “Sparks” button located in the lower right corner of the screen. The buttons are very distinctive and feature interesting backgrounds. The higher the number of matching symbols, the greater the payout will be.

Another feature of this game is its Expanding Cloning Wilds. These only appear on the second and fourth reels, but they can clone symbols on adjacent reels. When they clone symbols on adjacent reels, they will be able to expand to fill all spaces on the reel and award larger payouts. This is an excellent way to make big wins in Sparks. But there are a few catches when it comes to this slot machine.

The art scene is quite diverse in Sparks. There are several galleries in town that offer local and national works of art. In addition to showing art, many of the galleries also offer art classes for visitors. Whether you’re an art lover or a history buff, you can find classes and exhibits to interest you and your family. Regardless of your age, you’ll enjoy your time in Sparks. For families with children, there’s a special art gallery for them as well.