Perfect gems

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Basically, Play n Go’s Perfect Gems comes off as what you’d get if you created Da Vinci Diamonds to a Megaways slot-a mix of luck and strategy, in the purest sense of the term. The basic premise of this slot machine game is that you must guide your spin through the reels and hope that you get a straight up hit. This slot game features a lot of artwork, designs and animations that further increase the odds of you hitting the right button.

In terms of the visuals on the game board, you’ll find some symbols arranged in a grid pattern, while others are in a reverse format. This is the only way by which you can tell which symbol you’re aiming for – without looking at the real board, you can’t tell. To make matters worse, you also have to carefully choose the sequence in which you play your spins. In short, Play n Go’s Perfect Gems gives you a full interactive slot gaming experience, where strategy and luck co-exist to give you an exhilarating experience of skill and sheer entertainment.

Let’s take a closer look at the mechanics of the game. Each of your spins on the Perfect Gems spins the reels, which randomly pull one of the included jackpot symbols. The number of symbols spawned during each particular pull varies according to the software. Jackpot symbols come in a total of seven categories: stars, hearts, eagles, balance, diamonds and clubs. Once all the icons have been spawned, the game ends and the player gets his or her winnings minus the value of the coins inserted on the reels. Thus, winning requires keen consideration of both the strategy and the luck factor involved.

Besides the regular icons, there are also other symbols that could potentially be worth valuable outcomes. Examples of these symbols are stars, diamonds and circles. They are randomly assigned every time the game begins, hence you need to equip yourself with the knowledge of their probabilities. Once again, since they are random, you won’t know what jackpot you will get unless you put your money on the right icons. This is the reason why it is advisable to play a small amount first and gain some experience before playing on a full bet.

One of the best features of Perfect Gems is the win multiplier feature. This is a feature that enables you to multiply your winnings upon winning on one of the included games of Perfect Gems. For every game in the pack, you double your winnings automatically without having to wait until the game ends.

Aside from the win multiplier feature, Perfect Gems offers another type of multipliers, known as the fantasy multipliers. These multipliers work like slots in that you can select a symbol from among the available jackpots and place your bet based on its appearance. However, unlike the usual slot machines where you would only have luck on how much you would bet, the fantasy type of Perfect Gems also has something called the “sparkle factor”. This is the amount by which the chances of winning increase with the number of times you choose the symbol you would like to place your bet on.