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The Wonderful World of Enchanted Mountain is based on the story of Enchanted Mountain Casino, an imaginary land where people gamble and roll the dice to earn money. It doesn’t sound too exciting, but the graphics and the theme, far outstretch anything that we have come to expect from computer games. In fact, many people who download Enchanted Mountain are immediately turned off by the graphics and the rather slow loading time, though some will probably be intrigued enough to try the game. At any rate, this isn’t a full-featured casino game. The main game involves a casino slot machine, where you aim to hit a certain number of coins through four different doors (green, red, blue and purple) before time runs out and the player becomes “enthired”, at which point a magical fairy comes out of the ATM and fills a bottle with more coins, until the time runs out.

Right, from the first moment that Enchanted starts to load, it is going to start to captivate you for sure – the narration tells you over how the whole game has started, with lengthy talk of land being suspended in stardust and with strange talk of “magicians and spells” as well. The graphics are reasonably good, though not as spectacular as you would want for a video game. For the most part, all that you see are trees and mountains, though the effects used for effects such as spinning and zooming are rather nice. You’ll find yourself getting lost quite a bit in Enchanted Mountain, so perhaps the graphics aren’t as important as other parts, but if you get lost on the way to the next stage, you’ll appreciate having a guide handy.

The graphics are a strong point of the game, though the lack of sound effects and some clipping of objects does occasionally cause some confusion. It’s nice to have an animated guide to help you through the levels, but without sound for certain objects, this doesn’t really help much. Despite these minor setbacks, Enchanted is still worth checking out for fans of online gambling games and for people who are looking for a good simulation of an enchanting land.