Crazy chameleons

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Microgaming’s crazy chameleons is a unique five reel, three columns, with five straight win lines. The win line pays off in both directions. There are no horizontal spins or bonus lines though. This isn’t really common for a slot with as much personality as this. If you are looking for a casino slot game with a lot of character this may be the one for you.

The story behind these crazy chameleons goes back to when the slot games were first introduced to casinos. A Native American tribesman would design the symbols and put them on the front of the slot machines. Since slot machine gambling was illegal at the time they didn’t have a way to make money off of it so they invented the symbols on the slots to aid in raking in the winnings. After a while the casinos caught on to this and implemented them into their machines but made sure that it wasn’t possible to tell which symbol it was by how the lights on the machines lit up. This made it very difficult for players to determine if they had won or not. It also took away from the actual playability of the slot games.

After some time the chips on the Crazy Chameleons started to light up and they began to move and play the way that they could no longer do with the traditional symbols. Soon there were additional symbols added such as seagulls and dolphins which gave players even more excitement. These seagulls and dolphins are what eventually made this game very popular. The waves that they created as they played also added to the depth of the gaming experience. People loved to watch these wild seagulls dive and surf across the screens as they matched the symbols on the reels. Soon the casinos found that they could make even more money from this by offering even more symbols on the reels.